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Consumer Mix Modeling: a sneak peek inside the consumers mind

Zio® creates an artificial market that is an exact replica of the competitive environment of your company,
providing you with a virtual laboratory to assess risk-free endless marketing strategies in real-time.
The ultimate decision making tool for marketing planning, budgeting and resources allocation.

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Unified Marketing Impact Analytics

The future of marketing analytics

Consumer Mix Modeling combines the strategic vision of the traditional tools of "Marketing Mix Modeling" along with the agility and granularity of the "Digital Attribution" models.

Conventional models lack the capability to drill down to the segments level and, at the same time, have serious difficulties when dealing with brand metrics. On the other hand, despite that "Digital Attribution" models can overcome these limitations, they ignore the fundamental impact that offline channels have on the customer funnel, what can lead to flawed models.

The cutting-edge technology behind Consumer Mix Models allow us to address all these challenges to chase the holy grail of marketing: an unified vision of the all touchpoints affecting the customer journey.

All variables in a single model

Integrated management of the Marketing mix

The vast complexity that marketers are facing on a daily basis requires the use of sophisticated tools to aid decision-making with a holistic view incorporating all the variables of the marketing mix management.

With Zio® you can simultaneously analyze the results of "What-if" simulations in terms of sales, awareness, brand equity, ROI and Word of mouth.

Consumer Mix Modelling

Advantages of our SaaS Platform

The model virtually recreates the market as a whole and not just the customer's brand, thus allowing for a much precise allocation of the marketing mix by taking into account our actions and the effect of the strategies of our competition on our results.

Allows us to analyze what changes should we make on our marketing strategy to manage simultaneously the KPI's defined in the model: sales ROI, awareness, brand equity and Word of mouth.

Integrated management of "Paid", "Owned" and "Earned" media in a single platform.

It is the perfect tool for crisis management simulating unexpected changes in the environment and/or in the competition.

By relying on a probabilistic and not deterministic model, predictions are generated with a range of variability to assess the risk of each strategic option.

"Word of Mouth" and the experience with the product are treated as another media that can be managed for the benefit of the client's brand.

Selects the messages that are most likely to improve the brand equity so that both the creativity and the timing of campaigns are part of the levers available to the marketing manager.

Identifies which customer segments are better able to influence the decision-making process and assess whether we are acting effectively on them.

Unlike other modeling techniques based on correlations, being a causal model that replicates consumer behavior, we can analyze new concepts and strategies never before evaluated.

Our cloud based application allows to perform "What-if" simulations in real time, strategies optimization, generate reports, and sharing information among stakeholders both internal and external, which facilitates knowledge sharing and ultimately improves the decision-making process in the marketing realm.

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